In the name of ALLAH, most Gracious most Merciful. Peace and Salutation upon his last and final messenger. i would like to thank to ALLAH the almighty on the completion of my research work, it would not have een possible without his countless blessings and mercy. Alhamdolillah Oh ALLAH! you are indeed the Greatest!

With that, i would like to thank my parents whose continuous support throughout my career made me a better and hardworking person. Their decision to allow me to switch from my medical profession to Theology is one of their greatest favors upon me. i would also like to thank of my professors especially my supervisor Dr Muhammad Akram rana whose support and enouragement throughout my dissertation was a game changing scenario for me, as it made me complete my work earlier. i would also like to thank mam Farukh whose guidance in the formatting of my synopsis was extremely valuable for me.

in the end, it will not be fair i dont thank my classmates and friends namely, Usman Nasir, Husnain Mustafa and dearest Akif bhai whose copany in the university made me time there a lot more enjoyable. i extend my gratitude towards my professors, Dr Mumtaz ul Hassan, Dr Shabbir Ahmad jami and Dr Herman Roborgh whose lectures were a great fun and elarning opportunity for me, them honoring me always in the class, making me sit close to them in the first row and even sitting besides them in the class was a great privilege for me. A big shout out for their patience on my never ending questions and helping me become more productive by giving me challengings topics for assignments right till the end of the session. also a big thank you to brother Zaka the admin, without his help the whole process would`ve been difficult.

Author: Dr Omer Farooq Saeed.

Cheers to all of them! May ALLAH rewards them all in the life here and the hereafter Aamen.

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