PakistaniCHAT – Disclaimer

Pakistanichat.net managements clearing the fact about disclaimer, that our web chatsite does not monitor chat rooms neither we dont keep records and chat logs of the discussions, happens in chatroom main lobby or in private chats (PM’s) of users. We are uses third party chat server and Services called IRC(Internet Relay chat network) right now we are using server or hybridirc (i,e of www.hybridirc.com) we are not responsible of anything, users enter at their own risk, users should read all terms of use and disclaimer before join chatroom, if they’re joining, users hold all responsibility for what they get and had experience in chatroom, for any complain and query they can visit network offficial website¬†https://www.hybridirc.com/help/ and sumbit your request.

  • Pakistanichat is not only source of for users to join these chat services, users may join through different source and sites, such as Androirc, its based Android chatting apps, and other web chat clients Java/Ajax Based Applets, KiwiIRC scripts, Mibbit scripts, mIRC, xChat, IRCloud, etc, because this irc chat network are open source for everyone, so anyone can access from any website and softwares.
  • Pakistanichat.net uses third party chat services/network interface via embaded/iframe via different web chat clients providers, such as Boomchat/Codychat/Mibbit/KiwiIRC and many others providers are available on Google. so our management and website are not responsible for anything. so users should use chatroom at their own risk.
  • The IRC (Internet Relay chat) services of the current network, including the chatrooms are not for the use of children, if a user founded from children they will be removed from server if found in chatting rooms, whenever Possible details TOC Visit www.hybridirc.com. Children and minors are not allowed in chatroom, and Our Management holds not any responsibility for Minors and children who enter chat our chatrooms, its responsibility of their parents, and Parents hold all responsibility for monitoring their children activities of their children and minor in chat rooms.
  • Pakistanichat management, cannot take any guarante that there will not be person within chatroom who used insulting, profane, lewd, vulger, racist or sexual language,
  • Pakistani chat management, is not a responsible for any results coming from information shared/received or people met in chatrooms
  • and time to time we do change the services and network of (IRCD network) because of some technical problems and issues. so we are not responsible for any lost and chat logs.

Those all rules who accept any and all information received, within chatrooms, as fact holds responsibility for any and all outcomes of taking and acting on this information..

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