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Welcome to PakistaniCHAT provides you a best web chat interface for chatting in Peshawar chat rooms, Pakistani chat is a free chatting site for every one to discuss and chat with strangers in our free online chatrooms connecting with IRC Chat server network. Peshawar chat is a virtual meeting places, where pakistani strangers boys and girls from all Pakistan & world chats and make new friends by meeting people online, Chatroom in Pakistan is a virtual place. which are giving place to people for spend your free time with strangers to make new friends, its a free chat room, its plays very important role in reality of one self, its a place to meet new people and make friends for long terms. a place to share happiness The rules are: smile and be peaceful! Have a good one, enjoy your’s chatting.

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PeshawarCHAT- Rules and terms of use.

  • No Flooding, No Swearing, No Spamming, No harassing, No Racial and Insults Disccussions, No Cyber is allowed here.
  • Sharing any kind of personal data and about Emails, phone numbers, identifications numbers etc are not allowed, we strongly recommend to our chatters not to share any of their personal info to strangers if they asked u in the chat room lobby or private.

Pakistan Chat is an unrestricted source., it’s bandwith and hosting providers, partners, moderators, and all related parties who are transmitted or existing through the content of this chat site, or as a result of being connected and logged into chat. Is in no way responsible for the loss / damage. Room or use of this chat site or service(s). Never accept files or go to URLs of people you don’t know and / or trust

Need/Required for help/complain in the ask to the Moderators in the chatroom.

By using this online chat room you must agree to the Rules and Disclaimers, User should be 18+ agewise to enter chatting room. for further help Contact us

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Display Picture:

You can use a display picture if you want. We offer this service where users can have a profile picture of their own choice if they wish. You can change it any time or remove it too. This way you can discern different people and your acquaintances.

Voice chat and Picture sharing option:

Yes this chat room allow you to send voice messaging with text chatting, its best feature in our chatroom, people bored from texting they want voice messaging optio n so here is our chattigsite provide you voice messaging and picture sharing also youtube vidieos.


You can customize and personalize various settings according to your own taste. We have multiple settings that are customizable. If you’re using our chat room and you don’t like a certain setting or a certain idea or theme, you can change it whatever way you like it. Your prefrences are our priorities. So this feature was added to let you choose what ever you like for yourself.

Influencing each other:

Our chatting app is interactive. You can meet with different people and interact with them by exchanging views and sharing your own thoughts. You can also communicate with people from different professions and occupations. This way an exchange of ideas is possible and you learn about their different life styles.

Connect with others:

People from all over the globe come to chat here. Meet with them and know about their regions as well as tell them about your own. it’s a great advantage of an online chat that you can meet and talk to people who are from the farthest corners of the world. You can also meet with people and groups of people who may interest you or your job or profession. In a nutshell, this is one of the greatest advantages of online chat.

Invite your friends:

Invite your friends to chat with you in our chatroom and experience the best chat in the world. By bringing your friends, you won’t feel bored in the beginning. Your friends will love this chatroom because it’s one of the best chat rooms. We have several options where you can invite your friends from Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter etc. There is no limit to how many friends you can bring.


We offer a very safe and secure chatting manifesto to everyone. The security of our users is very important to us. All the chats are fully encrypted and the data is totally safe. This way you can enjoy and spend your time on our website and chatting app without worrying about your safety or security. We are here to take care of all of that for you. So start using our chatroom now.